The 18 Things

Where these contribute to one of the SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information Literacy, the name of the Pillar is given in brackets e.g. the first thing (Blogs) helps develop the "Present" Pillar.

1. Blogs (Present)
2. Information Literacy
3. Abstracting (Present)
4. Google secrets (Plan and Gather)
5. The new information universe (Scope)
6. Database secrets (Plan and Gather)
7. Your information literacy context
8. Communicating using posters (Present)
9. Identifying your need (Identify)
10. Legal & ethical use (Manage)
11. Documenting events
12. Auditing information behaviour (IB)
13. Critiquing an article (Evaluate)
14. Wise use of Wikipedia (Evaluate and Manage)
15. Monitoring (Gather)
16. Information interviewing (Identify & Scope)
17. Evidence Based Information use (Evaluate & Manage)
18. Teaching information literacy

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