What is the "23 Things" approach?

The “23 Things” approach is generally used to support on-the-job learning. People often learn about Web 2.0 applications e.g. blogging, video sharing, wikis. Usually there is a “lead” blog or wiki explaining each Thing and setting a small task: this is the lead blog for Inf6350. Normally each participant has his/her own blog, in which he/she records his/her progress: you will have just one blog per Inf6350 team.

There are usually 23 things mainly because the first programme like this had 23 things in it! However you will have noticed we only have 18 things. This is because last year we found that 23 things were just too many to fit into one semester!

This is a presentation that Sheila Webber gave about 23 Things in general and the Inf6350 23 Things last year.

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