Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Team blog winners! Congrats to Team A!

Congratulations to winner of the "Best Team Blog": Team A (The A team).
Runners up were:
- Team G (The Part Timers)
- Team I (Team I: The I Team)
- Team N (Team N’s Blog)

All of these satisfied our basic criteria (see below) and also provided enjoyable, interesting and thought-provoking reading. The following two blogs are given honourable mention because they were also in contention, but we felt we could not select them because they were not legible enough. For example, Team Q's blog is fun as a design, but some of the colour fonts are difficult to read against the busy background.
- Team Q
- Team K

We should also mention that there were lots of interesting posts on blogs of the other teams, but the ones above brought the package together particularly well.

To remind you, we said we were looking for
"- Extent to which required blog posts are there (we gave a list)
- Visual appearance of the blog (both aesthetic - do we find it attractive - and practical e.g. can we read the text)
- Use of blogger design/layout functions (e.g. links, feeds; including are the 2 required links there (see list 2 below)
- Participation from the team i.e. is there evidence that most of the team have contributed (it is ok if some people have posted more than others, but e.g. it will not be seen as good if just about every post is from one person)
- Nature of the posts (e.g. are they responding to our questions; are they thoughtful; do we find them interesting)"
We also said we were looking for evidence of continued work on the blog.
Image (animated gif) created by Jason Hise, used under Creative Commons.

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