Monday, October 15, 2012

Thing 8: Communicating using posters

This week you will be starting to create posters which say something about the place of Information Literacy in your future careers. You will be using physical media (e.g. pen and paper) rather than electronic media. You also will not have very much time to produce them. However we have had some interesting posters for this exercise in the last few years.

There are pictures of all last year's posters on my Flickr account:
and this is a video from last year's event

Note: you are not being asked to produce a scientific paper, nor an online paper, so you do not have to read through the following advice before creating your poster! However, paper posters can still have an impact, and ones created electronically can be exhibited online and in print. It is useful to learn about techniques to communicate through posters.

Advice about producing posters:

Links to several useful resources with advice on producing academic posters:
University of Minnesota (2007) Creating an effective scientific poster presentation.
Glogster enables you to create online posters:

Some examples of "good" posters of different types:

Posters that won a best-poster competition for doctoral students in the midlands, 2011 (links are on the right of the page): and there is a Flickr pool of the 2012 event at
Winners of a similar competition for posters from doctoral students in Yorkshire 2009:
Posters about the major oil spill disaster in the USA, 2010:
Library posters created by Phil Bradley, based on old British wartime posters:

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